Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Comic Con...POP-UP Shop...oh my!!!

So, went to Comic Con a couple of Sundays ago and it was AMAZING! Saw some pretty cool actors walking around like Bruce Campbell (my little sister got to talk to him and get a handshake). I got my picture taken with some buddies and Jon Bernthal, Shane from Walking Dead. He was very sweet! Also, got to meet David Mack, one of my favorite illustrators. He was extremely kind. It was a fun-filled day with my sister and dad.

Shane from Walking Dead

David Mack and my dad in the back ^_^

My little sister as Psylocke. I am just wearing my BMO dress!

More fun to come this upcoming Sunday! I will be at BlankSpace from 1pm-5om on 2847 Cherokee Street, St. Louis MO 63118 for the one year anniversary of Wicked Pop-Up Shop. My boyfriend's mom, Yukiko, will be there selling her vintage Japanese clothes. There are going to A LOT of awesome vendors there selling some pretty amazing things.

Come check it out! Men and women's stuff to rummage through. I will be bringing shrimp chips (try one, it's gooooood) if you want to swing by and say hello to myself or Yukiko ^_^

~Angelina "Ballerina"